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I heard another mews

In Love Zither in ages, Cheng pulls past the blossoming into Shuiguang imaginary floating shadow, grounding into a timeless lingering marks, in May in light summer tempting fragrant. Pieces curl, Qu Yun gurgling in cries croon in the breakdown Cheap Nike Air Max 90 heart -like transparent refreshing, like the quiet gathering pictures, flower-like fragrance as water cool, dreamy fascinating, like long listening to music, let time Smart let the years as poetic words like graceful, so that life as song -like aesthetic.

Each person should have a place of their own soul. Simply do not seek luxury, to set aside a quiet heart, does not seek downtown just quiet, can hold a beautiful moonlight, does not seek touched anyone who knows, able to watch the fate of his life without regrets. Without too many words, a look back on the line of sight of each other, without too much commitment, I heard another mews in tears inside, no more beautiful deeper confession, a smile on mutual life. Floral containing core, ink refers Feelings, will touch exquisite melancholy, ground into a convention Yan, flowers about thousands of guitar, with no span of period.


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Should not face should face

Days of high bird, wide sea diving, this is the guts, this is the spirit, which is the great beauty of life. Everyone has a space of their own. Space, is the beautiful side of the mirror. Like silently taste text, like the wind chic rained Veronika, such as the Cheap Nike Air Max Trainers the nature of perception, from the scent of life from the life of the shock. Text is Wang Qingquan, trickling flow, total Explanation sad hearts pure Chol, writing is a piccolo, long flying, total vicissitudes of earthly cleanse the soul.

Xinyu text is silent, thinking of the total condensation, sublimation of self. Life with the beloved. Life is a big stage. Should not face should face, have to face, this is a baptism of the soul a state of mind of the pure Chol, does not belong to you, belongs to you, we must strive for, which is a law of survival a life fighting, should not give up, the abandoned, to be cherished, which is respect for others but also for their respect.


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Nobody belongs to you

Ningquewulan Is this your motto celibacy, because too good, you are daunting, distance, but not fondle Yan. How many people love your young face, how many people can be Nike Air Max 1 Trainers cloth skirts, carrying a broken kits. Hands playing with a small oval yellow jade, spirits device is fastened to the door of the earth Plus, needless to say, the exterior looks but 35 -year-old, like the country to go party doctor who is ranked fourth Zhang Zhongjing. Do you want to escape from the suffocating environment allows you, alone in the world. The lonely man, why should cherish this nagging feeling.

 Why should share childish repressed desire. Why horns of a dilemma of his own desperate. Why give yourself wearing that mask of hypocrisy. Why hesitate love is frustrated. Why should celibacy vagrant. Why, dear girl, you think of love bitter, tired of love, love of pity, love, hurt, tears are unscrupulous fall, wet face, wet Whose heart? You're just a lonely man, stubborn posture resist gossip, keep looking at the desolate lonely castle. Nobody belongs to you, you're just a child abandoned by God. Struggling why you love it does not belong.


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Weiqing spirits device

The other Cuyi Cheap Nike Air Max 1 tears. After a burst of smoke, up in the air sage, ghost emperor found handi still stood motionless, covered vindictive arise, vindictive, but also constantly shining golden god text ; left horizontal tray, holding a volume silver books, right hand down, holding the hands of a two-edged hammer, hammer hammer handle bright glistening body covered with a red flame pattern. Shining armor, shining praise Psalms and the flame of God of War Hammer, which is just Dongfang Shuo one to one back from a drop in the ocean to remove the artifact repository and elves makers.

Wuwei Wang Weiqing hands bent touch of silver longbow, bow without arrows, but the days of knights formed a grudge golden arrow has impressively in the string, the popular world of bows, arrows startles spirits, Weiqing spirits device in hand, enough to against a sage. In the handi right hand, and were more than two people, a white-haired Chuijian, long to be released into the atmosphere, I am similar bamboo hat, right hand holding a long fishing rod, left hand holding a shield guardian god of water, it is water Grand Magus Ziling.


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Gave him so many benefits

Peter Haast frustrated shook his head, that enemy is too strong, so far have not face each other's faces clearly. And he seems to have no meaning to kill himself, or else his living will certainly not linger until Womens Nike Air Max 90 Trainers UK not believe. Carefully pondering, pendants While he seems to have seen where, for a time want it up. By the way, in addition to giving your blessing **, are there any other features.

Zhang Sheng tuck into the arms of the pendant, and then asked. How to say this is a death, nothing to give a one thousand eight hundred artifact is also not what it is. There, you see, I have nothing, at least give a few things right of self-defense. Roll, artifact even I did not. How can I give you. Besides, if I have, but also be stuck here cheap handbags uk?

Peter Haasts face was suddenly flushed, and he can not imagine how this small skull actually so shameless. Gave him so many benefits, he was thinking about from their own hands Guadi Pi. Theme surface it touches, there are other artifacts, if there is a skill, you can also grab. Well, I did kind of ability. Zhang Sheng shook his head, he did not prepared to die. By the way, who is the capability to besiege you in this. I do not know, even if there is no way to know. I and his strength that much difference, is not a joint enemy.


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Sheng but rather immediately

He does Cheap Nike Air Max UK to find a person can inherit his behest, but did not expect to meet a short-lived ghost. Also happens to own Wind Kerry Indian chains fettered, and a lot of power did not come out the release. My day. Haast Peter shook his head, swore fiercely. Yes, the blood of angel wings outside the temple is how. Zhang looked at his right arm, nothing more delicate feeling. I do not know, since I was locked in here before, she was in it.

According to legend, she was the first one enforcer lover. Peter Haast deflated deflated mouth, although I am death, only be regarded as a second law enforcement. Before I became enforcers, her ghost already exists in the souls of roulette. It seems quite troublesome, Zhang Sheng hit a ha ha.

But his heart was the blood of these winged angels and respect one point, the first law enforcement lover. I obediently, terrible. I have here a key, he can make you free shuttle planes, no time limit, but have three days to cool down. Peter Haast made ??a nurturing like, spit out from under a tongue ring pendant. A lot of saliva. Zhang Sheng grinning bar, ripped the pendant length gown pick up. This pendant extending radially around a little dead air, so touched by Zhang Sheng but rather immediately shrink back. This stuff can have so much ability.


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I could not stop worth

Perhaps in a moment suddenly finding themselves, who want to forget the pains of people and things, in their obsession really is becoming forgotten.Perhaps thinking deep enough, read enough Cheap Nike Air Max 1 Trainers without a lot of ups and downs in this roundabout way of life, the encounter with whom I do not know will be my life the way this beautiful embellishment.

I've been looking forward to, you can still insignificance. Maybe in a casual moment, look back at their own path to take, the way may be beautiful storeyed makes me linger, but I could not stop worth while, because my dream in the distance, not in the hand touches place. In a man 's world, surrounded always so quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, brushed the inner manic, with a casual mood to perceive this strange yet familiar world.


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I should have forgotten

 Life seems like a dream, born of centuries, but also just a short pronto. But meantime always free to go Cheap Nike Air Max 90 jealously guarding residue, alone with moonset, with a passionate Maple unconventional, to pay homage to the edge of the mortal world wrong. Yellowing of the memory in the mind slowly shedding light bent to pick up when you already broken all over the floor, it might be forgotten and then remembered really should not be going to the toilet, but God has given me such a strong memory, either how 's everything I want to shake things ring true, in my repeated insistence, everything seemed so vain.

Can not be excluded on the Red in the disputes, the cranky all day really can be described as a painful torment. Scattered in this mortal world, I forget myself, forget the past, but only that you can not forget, you gave me those memories, I wonder if I should have forgotten how strong can we do. Maybe missing is a poison, once infected, and that they will become familiar with their own, but in the end, even though we can not afford heartache, but this pain is difficult to find the courage to quit. In Red Dust, maybe everything is just fantastic, until one day he really woke up, the so called persistent, it is only one a lie, a gorgeous exaggerated by their own bravado only, without him.


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Now rarely eat raw

Mother 's sweet potato cellar neatly placed in front of the house a new barrier north pond, cow dung dirt underneath it, the top covered with sand, evenly sprinkle with water, cover with plastic film, and soon, under the warm sun summon that sweet potato shoots on a thin sand broken arch, full of longing has drilled out, then get daily watering, ventilation, plastic film opened at noon in advance so that they accept the baptism with the spring sunshine greeting.

In the mother's well- serve, they are gratifying, within a few days, you pay to pay crowded Cheap Nike Air Max 1 Trainers potatoes, fruits and vegetables in the absence of monotony that day, raw sweet potato is also very tasty.Take one, wipe clean, bite, crisp.Now rarely eat raw sweet potato, and occasionally a whim, to take over sweet potatoes, always be washed and washed, then peeled, then gently sip, elaborate than the original did not know how many times, that the taste is Queyuanburu childhood sweet.


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Sweet potato picking up

The cellar gently picked up a piece of sweet potato, filled a basket, shake it in the basket on a rope tied to the above adults began to put up, and handed down an empty basket, I then take over another basket, send them to the sunny spring day.Sweet potatoes taken out, naturally boiled a pot of greedy self.Not cooked sweet Cheap Nike Air Max 90 years people still remember.

Sweet potato picking up a sufficient amount, and adults took me from the kiln with a rope hanging out, I can big mouth panting.Finally bid farewell to the dark, and heavy met with bright, bright nice. I piled near the mouth of the kiln pile pick a good friend of sweet potato sweet potato, sweet potato wiped off the clothes firmly above water, despite the cracks in the sweet potato Wong, he was eager to bite hard.Kiln had been out over sweat potato, sweet very brittle, thin reddish skin child inside a red core.Chewing, mouth no heat and little hands dry braved the cold water white smoke.


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